2016 diatom mud list has your brand you want it

With the increasing demand of people for decoration and environmental protection, diatom mud has become a new hot spot for home building materials. Environmental protection leads the market and the brand succeeds in the future, in order to recommend to consumers quality and reliable diatom mud brands. The following Xiaobian introduced the 2016 diatom mud list.

2016 diatom mud list Hengkang diatom mud

Hengkang diatom mud possesses super-strong air purification function, which quickly absorbs and completely decomposes pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, effectively kills viruses, decomposes molds, eliminates all kinds of odors and odors, and keeps the interior environment lasting and fresh.

2016 diatom mud rankings Dilbao diatom mud

Invented the inorganic functional respiratory coating-Jilbao, filled the gaps in the domestic market and reached the leading domestic and international advanced level.

2016 diatom mud rankings

Lanshe diatom mud is one of the top ten brands, the top ten green building materials brand and the top ten indoor environment purification products. Has the nation's largest diatom mud sales network.

2016 diatom mud rankings Closwick diatom mud

It is currently one of the largest diatom mud production bases in China. In 2006, Donghong innovative diatom mud production technology, refined construction technology, and successfully developed the first generation of color workshop based products on the basis of the first to launch the second generation of color workshop square algae mud original products.

2016 Dizu Mud Ranking of Otsu Diatom Mud

China's first diatom mud company; the first producer of diatom mud products; the only listed brand in the diatom mud industry; the drafting unit for the diatom mud industry standard; the only diatom mud industry designated by the Ministry of Science and Technology "Products" has the reputation of "Global Leading Diatom Mud Expert".

2016 diatom mud ranking double wood forest diatom mud

The company's main brand, "Shuang Mu Lin Diatom Mud" won the 80 million yuan of quality assurance of China Life Insurance, and obtained many honors such as the top ten brands of diatom mud industry, China's famous brands, and quality credit service AAA-level enterprises.

2016 diatom mud list Panpan diatom mud

Panpan Diatom Co., Ltd. is the main enterprise in the new building material industry of the New Panpan Group. With science and technology as the support, it is developing a series of modern, scientific research-oriented enterprises with environmental protection, energy saving, and functional diatom new products.

2016 diatom mud ranking blue sky dolphins mud

The blue-bailed diatom mud is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Registered in Yuelu Hi-tech Park in Changsha City, Hunan Province, the Hunan diatomaceous mud new material 100 billion industrial park (abbreviated as China's Silicon Valley), which was started in the second half of 2015, is located in Hunan Light Industry Industrial Park in the northern suburbs of Changsha. The blue sky dolphine diatom mud new material 100 billion yuan industrial project planning land 800 acres, the project total investment of 5.09 billion yuan, of which an investment of nearly 1.9 billion.

Editor's summary: The diatom mud list for 2016 was introduced here and I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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