About the video monitoring card installation steps

The development of video surveillance cards has a history of more than 10 years. From the original 98 systems to the current 2003 system, the earliest MJPEG to H.264 compression algorithms, the monitoring compression cards used are completely different. Regardless of the type of monitoring card, their installation methods are basically the same, roughly divided into the following steps:

1, select the appropriate motherboard, the card is installed in the PCI or the corresponding slot;

2, install the monitoring card driver. (Method one: Select the drive path according to the system prompts. Method two: Use the monitoring software to install the driver.)

3, install monitoring software. (Method one: copy the monitoring software directly to the local hard disk, method two: use the installation program to install.)

4, run the software. (If the software is directly copied to the local hard disk, you need to enter the main menu of the software to open the monitoring main program and use the monitoring software installed in the installation program. Usually there is a shortcut on the desktop and start menu.)

5, set monitoring video. (Usually, you need to set the recording schedule, image compression resolution, image compression detection, fixed recording, or dynamic recording mode selection. For details, refer to each monitoring software manual.)

6. Connect the video cable. (There are two kinds of monitoring card wiring, which are the BLANK interface and the BNC interface on the card.)

7, image adjustments. (In accordance with the actual mood of the video image, adjust the brightness, contrast, color saturation, etc. of each image.)

8. You're done, celebrate the celebration.

Note: The monitoring card has certain requirements for the motherboard, CPU, and power supply. Please ask for compatibility when purchasing and purchase the corresponding computer accessories according to the compatibility of each card.

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