Analysis of Factors Affecting the Normal Operation of Tumbler

Factors affecting the normal working efficiency of the tumble dryer: 1. When we use the tumble dryer to dry different materials, the yield varies depending on the characteristics of the materials to be dried. For example, for materials with large particle size and high moisture content, the tumble dryer will have a longer drying time, thereby reducing the working efficiency of the equipment, resulting in a decrease in the output of the tumble dryer. 2. The choice of equipment model is also one of the factors affecting the output of the tumble dryer. Under normal circumstances, for the same material, the larger the model of the selected tumble dryer, the stronger the production capacity of the equipment, and the higher the output. However, it should be noted here that when we purchase the tumble dryer equipment, we should not blindly pursue too large or too cheap, but should choose the appropriate model according to the basic characteristics of the material to achieve the best. Drying effect. 3. The difference in seasons is an environmental factor that affects the output of the tumble dryer. Generally speaking, when the tumble dryer is used in summer, the moisture of the material evaporates faster due to the higher temperature of the outside, and the output is relatively higher. In the case of low temperature in winter, the drying process is carried out, the temperature of the external environment is low, and the high temperature gas in the tumble dryer is easily dissipated through the cylinder, which greatly reduces the working efficiency of the equipment and makes the output a certain degree. Impact. In addition to the above points, the operation mode of the staff, the supply of heat in the drying line, and the structural arrangement in the cylinder are all important factors influencing the output of the tumble dryer. This requires us to do the corresponding work from various details to ensure the smooth and efficient drying line. Http://

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