Analysis of the effect of smooth bearing

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Analysis of the effect of smooth bearing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-21

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For bearings, smoothness is an important issue for the function of the left and right. The suitability of the smoothing agent or smoothing method will greatly affect the life of the bearing.
1) smooth parts of the bearing; reduce the reversal conflict between the channel surface and the steel ball, the sliding conflict between the steel ball and the holder, the sliding conflict in the holder and the channel guiding surface 2) take away the internal internal conflict of the bearing Heat and other heat from the outside; avoid heat generation of the bearing and deterioration of the smoothing agent 3) Make the rolling contact surface of the bearing often constitute an appropriate oil film; reduce the impact load and the fatigue life of the extended bearing.
4) Avoid the corrosion of steel balls, channels and adherents, as well as the intrusion of waste, foreign matter and moisture; the rust and dustproof of bearings.

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