Blow molding equipment should grow due to rising demand for plastic packaging

In recent years, the demand for plastic bottle packaging in China has been increasing. Due to the rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the quality of plastic packaging has also increased. The quantity and quality of blow molding equipment is also growing. Among them, plastic bottles stand out in the development. The reason why plastic bottles are widely used is that they are very competitive in the packaging industry because of their light weight, durability, good barrier properties, easy molding, variable shape and low cost. Since the birth of plastic packaging, it has become the first of all kinds of packaging materials.
Within five years, it is still a crucial period for the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry, and it contains enormous and attractive business opportunities. Plastic packaging materials are mainly divided into two major categories of film and plastic molding. They are one of the largest fields in the application of plastic products, and are widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, and daily chemical products industries. At present, plastic packaging accounts for more than 1/3 of the total output of packaging materials, ranking first among various packaging materials. Each packaging form is divided into many varieties depending on the use and materials used.
Plastic bottles should have the function of being convenient to use. Whether to develop and manufacture competitive products is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. Among the many factors of commodity competition in the international market, commodity quality, price, and packaging design are the three main factors.
The design of the bottle mouth of the plastic bottle should be considered to be easy to open, and can be opened and closed multiple times, and it is convenient to dump the contents. Can not cause spatter and injury. When designing the product, other functions can be added to the sealer: anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-blocking, spray, etc.
Although the equipment for plastic injection molding hollow plastic bottles in China can be produced in a small amount, the accuracy and performance of the equipment itself are not as good as those of foreign equipment.
China's pharmaceutical packaging industry has developed rapidly, the demand for plastic packaging plastic bottles is increasing, and the blow molding equipment is also growing. Since the injection blow molding equipment is in operation, the bottle mouth is first injected to ensure the accuracy of the bottle mouth, and then the bottle body is blown. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the volatilization of the gas in the plastic bottle and the penetration of the outside air into the bottle. It ensures a good close performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. Grasping the broad market prospects, this opportunity continues to promote the development of the industry, in order to narrow the gap with foreign countries.

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