Characteristics of k11 universal waterproof coating k11 universal waterproof coating construction steps

Paints are used in home renovations, which can be used to decorate interiors and improve the atmosphere in the home. There are a variety of practical uses, such as dust, scratch, moisture, etc., in this multi-paint, there is a coating is k11 universal waterproof coating , today we want to introduce the characteristics of the k11 universal waterproof coating and use The method hopes to bring you some help.

The characteristics of k11 universal waterproof coating

1. It is easy to construct and can be directly applied on the wet base surface.

2. Strong adhesion to the concrete base surface. The active ingredients in the coating penetrate into the pores, micro-cracks and chemical reactions in the cement matrix and can be integrated with the substrate.

3. High strength, can be directly on the waterproof layer paste tiles, never emptying, out of bricks, especially for high-rise building interior and exterior walls and kitchen and toilet tile tiles waterproof.

4. Super anti-permeability and pressure resistance, after the waterproof layer is solidified, it effectively blocks the passage of water, so that the water can not leak.

5. Durable waterproof. The coating is mainly based on inorganic materials, with no aging concerns, and it can provide long-term waterproof function.

6. Environmental protection. Non-toxic and harmless, it is a nationally recommended home improvement waterproof material.

K11 universal waterproof coating construction steps

1. Before the construction, the base surface should be cleaned, the base surface should be cleaned and leveled, and it should be kept without cracks and looseness. The yin and yang corners are made into arc angles; the sharp points are ground flat. The surface of the wall is tiled to maintain a certain degree of roughness. Too smooth walls should be treated with a nap.

In the treatment of the joints, firstly, the surface of the joints can be kept wet by splashing water, and the flexible cement-based waterproof coating and fiberglass cloth can be reinforced on the yin and yang corners, through-wall pipes, floor drains, and construction joints. About 1.0mm.

3, waterproof layer brushing: splashing water moist base surface, to maintain a certain humidity but can not have clear water, will be proportional to a good general-purpose waterproof coating brush directly on the base surface, pressed several times more brush, the base surface microporous gas Discharge; After the first layer is not sticky, directly brush the second layer (each layer about 0.6mm, not too thick); general waterproof need to brush more than two layers, the last time when the waterproof layer is not dry in the above thin scattering of sand, can Enhance its adhesion to the protective layer or tile adhesive layer. After brushing, brush over the edges of the coating several times to close the head; wait for the waterproof layer to completely dry.

4, the protective layer or decorative layer: After the waterproof layer dry solid can be made according to the needs of 1.5 to 2.0cm thick layer of cement mortar or tile directly to do the decorative layer.

5, reference dosage: thickness 1.0mm, about 1.2 ~ 1.5kg/m2; thickness 1.5mm, about 1.7 ~ 2.0kg/m2.

The above is the relevant knowledge for everyone to bring the k11 universal waterproof coating , I hope you can bring some help through the above introduction, if you want to know other relevant information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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