Desai grinding material system and its system introduction

First, the concept of grinding material Grinding material is a kind of abrasive composite material, the widely used grinding material refers to the use of abrasive particles in one form (such as fixed, free) or by attaching a carrier to cut off the workpiece Excess material or a processing tool that changes the shape of a workpiece. Abrasive particles in a narrowly-defined grinding material are a functional composite material that is finished at a certain speed and a small cutting thickness. Second, the concept of grinding material system design basis 1, the theoretical support of grinding material system grinding material is based on the material science system, based on the concept of composite materials, guided by friction, micro-cutting as the application theory Through the intervention of inorganic polymer series materials, various abrasives and inorganic polymers are combined in various fields of physical, chemical, mechanical, processing, material science and tribology to meet the best of different materials. Grinding solutions are the ultimate goal, breaking the traditional understanding and concept of ordinary abrasive bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard abrasives and products, with a new concept and presentation to solve the current grinding Grinding materials can not solve problems that are difficult or difficult to solve for grinding of different materials, and thus achieve professional, targeted and functional applications of grinding. 2, the concept of grinding materials established With the emergence of super-hard abrasives and other new abrasive particles and the improvement of the types of finishing materials, manufacturing technology, grinding materials as a precision processing tool, and is an efficient processing tool This puts higher demands on the grinding material. Therefore, our goal is to research and manufacture new types of grinding materials; the guiding ideology is to solve the problems that the current grinding materials can not solve or solve the grinding solutions of different materials, and then realize the grinding. Professional, targeted and functional applications of cutting materials. From the theoretical point of view, it provides a theoretical basis for the new grinding material products, lays the foundation of the process, determines the application direction, and lays the ideal application of the industrialization foundation for the process from the manufacturing perspective. The theory guides the practice of manufacturing and application, and uses practical application testing and perfection theory to promote the innovative development of new grinding material products. 3. Grinding material product system research Grinding material system and product engineering involve the aggregation composition of the grinding material and the structural and structural changes of the composition, and the influence of the structure on the performance. The relationship between process and preparation, composition and structure of professional settings, use of specificity, use of functional relationships and the scientific nature of the law. 4. The research focus of grinding materials is to look at the grinding materials and application directions from the material point of view, to complete the pertinence and functionality of the grinding materials from a professional point of view; the main focus of our grinding materials application research is: inorganic high Molecular materials involved in the preparation of the basic theoretical data of grinding materials, classification, database establishment and application verification of micro-cutting theory; grinding material system between abrasive, bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, superhard abrasives Conversion. Attached: product picture Φ1800mm large cutting piece Φ900mm heavy duty grinding wheel Φ400mm heavy duty grinding wheel

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