Do smart locks work? How about smart locks?

Do smart locks work? This is a question that some netizens often ask before purchasing smart locks. So smart lock in the end is not easy to use, Xiao Bian to help you analyze!

Smart Lock Features Benefits

1, security:

1 In the normal residential security environment, usually the method of opening the door lock handle can not ensure the safety performance, it is easy to drill holes from the outside of the door and then use the wire rolling knob to open the door. Recently, the smart lock has a patented skill guarantee. In the handle set in the room, a safe handle button is added. It is necessary to press and hold the safety handle button to roll the handle door to open the door and bring about a safer operating environment. (According to the needs of the user, after simple operation, this function can be selectively set.)

2 The usual fingerprint password lock has the danger of password leakage. Recent smart locks also have a virtual bit coding function, that is, in front of or behind a registered password, it is possible to input an arbitrary number as a dummy bit code, which is useful for preventing the registered password from leaking and opening the door lock together.

3 Recent smart locks on the palm touch screen will take the initiative to appear, 3 minutes will take the initiative to lock. Whether the password is now set, whether the door lock is now open or closed, the number of passwords or door cards registered, and the battery replacement prompt, the lock block is blocked, low voltage and other conditions are encountered, and the screen is displayed. control.

2, convenience:

1 In general, fingerprint locks are inconvenient when using functions such as password/fingerprint registration. Especially when the elderly and children use it, the recently-existing smart lock can open its common voice prompt function, so that the user's operation is more concise and easy to understand.

2 The smart locks of China's top ten lock brands are different from the usual mechanical locks. They have an active electronic sensing determination system and will actively sense that when the door is closed, the system will actively lock. Smart lock can pass fingerprints, touch screen, card open door locks.

3 The traditional mechanical lock does not pay extra attention to its appearance. Today's smart locks are not only suitable for everyone's taste from the appearance of the plan, but also invented smart locks that have the same smart feeling as Apple. Intelligent locks are now quietly on the market.

4 security: recent smart lock is different from the previous method of first open and then scan, scan method is very simple, put the finger on the top of the scan from top to bottom to scan, without pressing the finger at the scan, scan The method also reduces fingerprint residue, greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprints being copied, and secures exclusive use.


How about smart lock

Smart password door lock - old community smart door lock too "shodow"

As the old residential property management is not perfect, security risks are self-evident. Because there are many owners of the same unit, the access control system is often in an open state. Flyers are often seen on the corridors, of course, leaving the thieves with an opportunity to commit crimes. The idea that there are security risks to install intelligent door locks arises spontaneously, but the friends around him are urging the author.

Smart password door lock - trouble for smart intelligence

The door lock becomes "intelligent" to solve the inconvenience first. Old people go out and forget to bring their keys, and it is not uncommon for them to lock themselves out of the door. It is easy for parents to go out and give them a smart door lock. It seems reasonable to hear the story, but don't forget that there are many different ways to unlock the smart door lock. If you have an elderly person at home, you must support fingerprint recognition, password, or mobile phone APP.

Smart password door lock - phone unlock "smart" door easy to use it

It is probably customary to apply traditional intelligence. R&D personnel always like to bind mobile phones and hardware. It's like some smart locks are too gimmicks but they hurt users. Mobile phone APP close-range recognition, Bluetooth unlocking ... unlocking variety but practicality greatly reduced; if the phone is dead, it is not as easy to unlock the traditional physical keys.

Smart password door lock - which is more secure than smart door lock and traditional door lock

Xiao Bian has no doubt about the security of smart door locks, but it does not mean that most ordinary consumers are skeptical of such products. At present, the traditional anti-theft door key has reached the Super C class level, although not inferior to the BMW, Mercedes-Benz high-class car keys, but at least it is higher than Poussin car type A protection class.

In Xiao Bian's opinion, whether it is home door locks or vehicle door locks, some able thief can still be cracked, so the safety factor of the door lock is only to measure the time and possibility of the thief break the door lock. Although this is the case, we must still have quality locks to ensure our personal and financial security. This is a very important security line.

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