European pastoral style decoration

European elegance, idyllic elegance and faintness, two different styles mix and match to create a beautiful home environment, which makes people feel comfortable. Adding to a separate small garden, it feels great. This is the charm of European-style rural design, and the best-selling European-style pastoral style will be displayed for you.


The spacious floor-to-ceiling windows are attached with a floral fabric floor curtain. The square recessed ceiling is inlaid with lamps and hanging chandeliers. The warm light illuminates every corner of the space, and the pale yellow background wall gives the space a warm style. The combination of pink floral pattern and light blue bottom fabric sofa fully demonstrates the unique charm of European pastoral style. It is elegant and simple and natural. The pink bouquet on the coffee table in front of the sofa is beautiful, and the fragrance is unfortunate. I am drunk.

Is it very good to see this small home garden? The white frame on the door frame, the wall and the ceiling are covered with blue-green leaves, and the leaves are dotted with red roses, although the leaves and flowers are not Really, but because of this, the leaves can always remain in a green state, and the roses can stay in bloom and show their vitality. On the open space in front of the window, a set of European-style white solid wood tables and chairs or a comfortable sofa, occasionally reading and drinking tea, is really very pleasant. ,


European pastoral style

Light pink florals, pale green leaves, splendid beautiful flowers embellished on a pure white underside look beautiful and tidy, and the wallpaper space on the bedside wall will instantly become very different. The double-coloured solid wood double bed and the matching bedside table showcase the natural elegance of the European-style pastoral style. The beautiful table lamp and the charming and elegant purple-red orchid make it a good decoration. It is a finishing touch.


The decoration of the bedroom can be very simple, but special features should be used to highlight the different styles. In this European-style bedroom, the pale pink floral wallpaper is covered with the background wall of the whole space, and the pale pink floral pattern curtains at the bay window are matched with each other, and the matching furniture such as the elegant double bed with white solid wood is included. A chandelier with a golden metal lamp holder, the European pastoral style of the home is instantly presented, giving you a pleasant and relaxing experience.

The above is the European-style pastoral decoration that Xiaobian has arranged for you. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to the official website of our home.

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