Fire door purchase strategy

Henan Jutai Door Industry (steel wood fire door, wooden fire door, steel fire door, fire shutter door) is a fire-fighting door purchase strategy for research and development, production, sales and service. The outer dimensions of the product shall be less than or equal to the outer dimensions of the sample description. The thickness of the door leaf shall be greater than or equal to the thickness of the door leaf in the sample description. The width of the side wall of the fire safety door frame shall be greater than or equal to the width of the side wall of the door frame in the sample description. The outer dimensions of the fireproof glass shall be less than Equal to the fire glass dimensions in the sample description, the fire glass thickness should be greater than or equal to the fire glass thickness in the sample description.
Fire-resistant seals shall be provided for steel and wood fire safety doors that are qualified for seals. The seals shall be straight, without arching, and have a qualified inspection report issued by a national inspection agency.
The appearance of high-quality steel fire doors is welded firmly, the welding points are evenly distributed; the outer surface is smooth and smooth; the product mark, the fire safety door quality inspection qualified mark and the quality certification (acceptance) qualified mark should be in the specified position. The qualified wooden fire safety door should be complete in appearance, without damage, clean surface, no shading, burr and hammer printing; the cutting angle and seam should be tight and flat; the fire door product mark and quality inspection qualified mark should be in the specified position. And quality certification (approval) pass mark.
The multi-effect active escape fire door active unlocking action principle accepts the detector (smoke detection alarm device), which can quickly respond to the fire alarm and prompt people to escape. The active lock can make a response at the same time as the alarm, and use its own power-on circuit to open the door lock actively, so that the trapped staff can escape. The detailed maneuvering method is the price of the fire door. When used normally, three identical active locks lock the door quietly. When the circuit is energized, the electromagnet generates a magnetic force, and the lock cylinder in the active lock sleeve is moved by the magnetic force of the lower electromagnet, and the fire door manufacturer moves downward to make the lock open. When the circuit is de-energized, the electromagnet is dissipated and the lock cylinder returns to its original position under the action of the spring force to cause the door lock to die. The active lock circuit will be powered off when the door lock dies, in order to prevent the user from bringing inconvenient fire doors, wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, fire shutter doors, Henan Jutai Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd.**: http:/ /
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