Fireproof coatings distinguish between good and bad coups paint selection strategy

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According to reports, the price of fire-retardant coatings is only tens of dollars, but there are many road guerrillas and some irresponsible decoration companies, cutting corners and laying down safety hazards for fire safety. Therefore, before the concealed project such as the ceiling is completed, the consumer must check whether it is constructed according to the standard procedure, and must check the painting of the fireproof coating.

What is the fire performance of fire retardant coatings?

In addition to the classification of fire-retardant coatings according to the fire-fighting performance level of the decoration materials, in order to strictly control the quality of fire-retardant paints, the state divides the combustion performance of fire-retardant paints into two grades according to regulations, which are first-class and second-class, so as to avoid shoddy enterprises. Fireproof coatings do not achieve fire protection.

How to classify the fire performance rating of fire retardant coatings?

At present, the combustion performance of fire retardant paint produced by domestic enterprises can reach two grades, and the cost price is about 8,000 yuan/ton or more. When a qualified fire-retardant paint is burned by a gun or the like, it will be foamed and expanded a lot, and the surface will gather and bulge, and there will be no burning phenomenon within a few minutes. Counterfeit goods basically do not foam, but a large number of scattered slag.

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