Fuxin Group learns the "Yuyu Spirit" and strengthens the style of construction and mobilization meeting

On the morning of August 31, the Fuxin Group held a conference on the fifth floor of the headquarters to study and promote the “Yuyu Spirit” to strengthen the work style mobilization meeting. The meeting held that the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee decided to raise up and learn to carry forward the new climax of the right jade spirit. It is an important part of the province's efforts to implement the spirit of the speech by the provincial party secretary Yuan Chunqing at the provincial leading cadre conference. It is to accelerate the transformation and development and leapfrog development. Important measures are of great significance for stimulating and mobilizing the majority of party members and cadres to change their style, work hard, and strive for excellence.

At the meeting, Hao Weijun, deputy secretary of the party committee, led the participants to learn the "six bans" of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the "eight prohibitions" of the Shanxi Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the "three chapters of the law" and the "Notice on Strengthening the Work Style of Serious Work Discipline", read out The news report "Three cadres in Shanxi's Ganzhou bus was taken out of office when they went to work privately", conveyed the important points of the important speeches of the provincial party committee secretary Yuan Chunqing in the study of the promotion of the right spirit of the right jade spirit and the specific requirements for the construction of the style.

Sun Hongyuan, secretary of the party committee of the group, made a speech. He asked all enterprises and departments to raise awareness, recognize the situation, quickly put the spirit of the meeting in place, promote the "Yuyu spirit" and strengthen the style of work, and combine it with the spirit of studying and implementing the important speech of the party secretary Yuan Chunqing. Combine with the ongoing pioneering competition and learning party organization construction, combine with the current work, further change the work style, and make new breakthroughs in emancipating the mind and changing the concept; There must be new things in the past; new changes should be made in improving efficiency and creating an excellent environment; new measures should be taken in strict discipline and intensified management, and the Group should be promoted with a more inspiring spirit, a better style and more effective measures. The economy is developing well and developing positively.

The cadres at all levels of the group have said that we must thoroughly study and implement the "Right Jade Spirit", effectively change and strengthen the work style construction, improve work efficiency, improve service attitude, strengthen self-learning, and make for the transformation and development of the group and leapfrog development. New contributions.

Group leaders Xu Xinshe, Li Guangyao, Zhang Jian, Sun Yongcai and the heads of various enterprises and departments attended the meeting.

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