Gate Stadium Site Construction Specifications

Gate Yard Site Construction Specification - BXY Tips Gateball Yard Construction Specifications In the construction of artificial turf gate court Bo Xiangyuan Description:
1. The standard size of Boxiang Yuanpai artificial turf gateball court:
a. The competition area is 20m long and 15m wide. b. The buffer zone is an extension of 1m for each side of the playing area (the teeing area is within this 1m range), ie the 22m*17m line is also called the limit line.
c. The auxiliary area is more than 1m above each side of the buffer (used to place scoreboards and venue seats).
d. The width of the match line and limit line is 3cm.
e. The site size without auxiliary area is 22m*17m=374 square meters.
f. The minimum standard size of the site with auxiliary area is 24m*19m=456 square meters.
g. Bo Xiang far brand artificial turf field edge set height 30cm wide 20 ~ 50cm block wall, the interior walls of the facade must be affixed artificial turf or other elastic materials, to prevent the ball hit the wall on the ball damage.
h. Goal and finish post. There are three goals and one final column in the venue. The goal is made of circular metal with a diameter of 1cm. It is 20cm in height (counted from the ground) and is 22cm wide. The terminal column is made of 2cm diameter flat-topped metal objects, 20cm high (counting from the ground), firmly nailed into the bottom.
2. Site basic requirements:
a. Cement concrete 12cm~15cm;
b. Panax notoginseng (or inorganic material) 30cm;
c. The site is flat and the soil is compact;
d. Surrounding the venue is a block wall.
3, Boxiang far brand 15mm high and low bending monofilament gate court artificial turf, artificial turf requirements:
a. Flush sand type:
Artificial turf height 10 ~ 15mm,
Artificial turf density of 30,000 to 40000 needles/m2 artificial turf DETX value of 6,000 above the site of sand filling 5 ~ 8KG / square meter b. Non-flushing type:
Artificial turf height 10~15mm
Gateball Field Foundation Construction Requirements:
Artificial turf gates have certain restrictions on ground requirements and need to control quality. Its main requirements are focused on three points: ground hardness, pavement surface flatness, and surface drainage gradient. There are three main types of ground matrices for commonly used artificial turf courts: asphalt matrices, cement matrices, and gravel substrates. In the price aspect, the price of bitumen matrix is ​​relatively high, and the price of gravel substrate is relatively low. The bitumen matrix is ​​suitable for climate conditions where the temperature difference in the north is large and the temperature in the winter is low, but it is not suitable for the warm and humid south. The gravel matrix is ​​relatively suitable for the south, and its construction is simple, the construction cost is low, and the advantages of rapid drainage are relatively common. However, the gravel matrix is ​​not the most suitable for the south, because of its poor steel and stability, long-term use is prone to loose foundation, resulting in uneven foundation, thus affecting the life of the entire artificial turf. In summary, the cement concrete matrix is ​​used more domestically and is the most economical and most cost-effective artificial turf substrate.
Based on the rich artificial turf production and sales experience, Boxiang Far turf has summarized the following requirements for cement screeds for artificial turf courts:
The qualified rate of the flatness of artificial turf cement concrete should be above 95% to ensure that the artificial turf surface has the same thickness and uniform elasticity. Surface requirements are smooth, smooth and conducive to drainage.
Artificial turf cement concrete should have a certain strength and stability, and the surface should be even and strong without cracks.
In order to protect the site drainage, it is better to construct a turtle-type site, that is, the middle uplift is conducive to drainage.
The cement foundation must have a water-repellent layer, and the water-repellent layer adopts a new pvc-thick water-repellent film. The junction should be greater than 300mm, and the margin is greater than 150mm.
Consider leaving expansion joints with a width of 5 mm. It requires a 2-3 week maintenance period to ensure the service life of the site.

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