Gear pump daily trouble problems and solutions

In the production process will always encounter some unexpected events, these matters will affect our production and equipment use more or less, the following Asian fluid network to introduce you to the gear pump often encountered problems and solutions. (1) the valve is closed too fast If the outlet pipe valve is closed too fast, will bring a lot of problems, so the use should be slowly close the valve. (2) Abrupt power outage A sudden power outage is an inevitable problem. A power outage can cause pressure fluctuations in the gear pump delivery system. A negative pressure is expelled from the system. Bubbles dissolved in the liquid escape to cause gas in the gear pump or pipe. The formation of cavitation phenomenon, the treatment is the need to promptly clean the gas. High pressure liquid column due to a sudden power outage quickly influx, the impact of the gear pump outlet check valve plate. The treatment method is to rebuild the disposition of piping and pipe fittings of the irrational discharge system of the gear oil pump.

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