Home improvement tiles are not properly placed

Recently, reports of unqualified water absorption detection of ceramic tiles have caused many consumers to pay attention to the "water absorption rate" of ceramic tiles. In fact, most owners do not often hear this word in the process of purchasing ceramic tiles, but this has a lot to do with the quality of decoration. .

The so-called water absorption rate refers to the ability of the ceramic product to have a certain adsorption and penetration ability to water, that is, the percentage of the quality of the open pore adsorption water in the ceramic product and the product quality. If the water absorption rate of the tile itself is too high, it may fall off, and the wall tile with low water absorption rate is also likely to fall off due to improper spreading.

According to relevant sources, the low water absorption rate indicates that the product has high strength, is not easy to expand, and has high internal stability. Therefore, the water absorption rate has become an important indicator for consumers to evaluate the inherent quality of ceramic tiles. If the water absorption rate is too high, it will easily cause the green body to expand and crack, which may cause the wall brick to fall off or the floor tile to be hollowed out.

Tiles with high water absorption rate are because the density of the billet is relatively loose, which leads to the quality of the bricks is not so good, it is prone to cracking, and there is a danger of falling off when attached to the wall. However, the low water absorption rate does not mean that it will not fall off. The tile with low water absorption rate is more difficult due to the harder material and higher density of the material. Because the ceramic tile is mostly coated with cement mortar, the water contained in the cement slurry can be absorbed and solidified by the tile to form the grip of the tile on the wall. However, as the ceramic tiles become denser and denser, the water absorption rate becomes lower and lower, and it is difficult to produce grip with the cement mortar. Even if there is no empty drum when it is attached, it is difficult to avoid the possibility of the tiles falling off in the future.

In fact, the water absorption of tiles is an important performance indicator for products. The water absorption rate is different, and the method of paving is also different. It is understood that in the packaging instructions of the tile products, the water absorption index should be included, with suggestions for the paving method. At the same time, the decoration company will adopt different paving methods according to different product characteristics during the construction process.

At present, in the decoration industry, there are two kinds of cement mortar paste method and thin paste method. The cement mortar pasting method is a relatively common construction method. It is to soak the water in the water for a certain period of time before the tile is laid, and the cement sand is mixed and adjusted according to a certain ratio, and is smeared on the wall behind the tile. This method is a traditional construction method, suitable for ordinary light bricks and glazed tiles; the other method is the more popular thin sticking method, that is, before laying bricks, the wall base layer should be leveled, and then the tile adhesive is used. Pasting the tile on the wall is a complicated process.

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