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Nature three-layer parquet

Nature three-layer parquet

Product Features: According to the business introduction, the natural three-layer solid wood floor has the unique active eco-lacquer technology. The 24-hour continuous release of negative ions (o2-(h2o)n) can calm the indoor air and make the air fresh in the room. Nature's three-layer solid wood floor adopts multi-directional cutting, and has high requirements on materials. Only the core area with the best quality of excellent wood is selected, the thickness of the surface is larger, and the surface of the floor is added with unique UV curing. Factors, wear resistance and flexibility have been greatly upgraded.

In the actual evaluation, we found that the surface of this product is matt lacquer, the color is softer, and each back of the floor has a natural exclusive label, reflecting the brand awareness of the business. There are natural wormholes, and the wormhole location is properly treated. The patented locking technology is advanced, but at the same time, it has been found that there are a lot of small damages on the edge of the buckle. It should be caused during the display process, but it is also necessary to remind the consumer to pay special attention to this position during the handling process.

Professional designers recommend three principles in the color matching process:

First, the same color system matches. If the choice of brown-based white inlaid furniture, brown floor can be matched; choose solid wood furniture imitation mahogany, can be matched with red flooring. Matching the same color, the decoration style is rigorous, orderly and atmospheric.

The second is the matching of near-color systems. If you choose the black walnut veneer furniture, you can use the brown floor to match. For green walls, you can choose a slightly yellow floor to create a warm atmosphere. The deep-toned floor has strong appeal and expressiveness, and its personality is distinctive. For example, the color of the red floor itself gives a strong feeling. Choosing an ivory color with a pink hue will form a sense of unity with the black-brown floor. The color is matched, and the decoration style is lively, harmonious and delicate.

The third is the matching color system. If you choose antique furniture in deep red, fashionistas will choose a light yellow floor color. The yellowish white floor has a sharp contrast with the deep red furniture. Contrast color matching, in principle, should be used with caution, color matching should have a strong contrast effect, but also have a harmonious background.

Detailed evaluation: We selected a light-colored natural three-layer solid wood composite floor for this evaluation. The intuitive feeling of this evaluation is that the color of this product is soft, smooth, easy to assemble, and even complete the floor by yourself. Assembled.

The surface layer is medium-sized with eucalyptus lacquer

The surface is made of eucalyptus.

The surface layer is medium-sized with eucalyptus lacquer

The name of 槲栎木学 (hǚlì), alias white peony, fine skin Cyclobalanopsis, Baltic, Cyclobalanopsis, white oak, white peony, etc., mainly distributed in Russia, also distributed in China, North Korea, Japan and other places. The eucalyptus floor has a reminiscence of the long-term environmental space. When decorating, choose it to paving the ground, with some rustic interior design and retro furniture, it feels very harmonious and natural.

In the actual evaluation, we found that the paint surface of this product is still relatively smooth, and we have specially observed the treatment of the wormhole position, and found that the surface is also relatively smooth, the overall texture gives people a feeling of closeness and confusion. Of course, this and a few The splicing of the block floor has a certain relationship. When installing, try to make the main plates with larger textures as much as possible.

Surface thickness less than 3 mm

Surface thickness less than 3 mm

In our actual evaluation, we found that the surface thickness of this product is about 2.5 mm, which is only close to 3 mm. From this point of view, the surface thickness of this product does not meet the standard.

The back panel has a business logo, reflecting brand awareness

The back panel has a business logo to reflect brand awareness

Each piece of the backboard has a natural name and product serial number, which also reflects the brand awareness of the manufacturer. With the serial number, consumers are guaranteed to follow-up tracking of every natural floor.

Patented locking technology ensures easy installation and stability

Patented locking technology ensures easy and stable installation

The special lock design can be naturally assembled without the use of glue. On the spot, the whole assembly of the store display is picked up and flipped forward and backward, and the lock is still relatively strong. However, we also found that the edge of the characteristic lock is not very strong. When the product is actually tested, it is found that the edge of the lock is damaged. Although it does not affect the appearance after installation, it is necessary to remind consumers to carefully select when purchasing. Workers should also be reminded to pay attention when handling and installing.

Moderate surface wear resistance

Moderate surface wear resistance

In the actual evaluation, we found that the surface wear resistance of this product is quite good. There is no scratch after scratching with the key and the tape measure, but also remind the consumer that the three-layer solid wood floor is solid wood and therefore resistant. The degree of grinding is lower than that of laminate flooring, so be careful not to damage the wear layer during daily use.

After-sales: The merchant provides free installation service, free shipping within the five rings, one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance. The store can swipe the card.

Maintenance Tips: According to the business introduction, the three-layer solid wood composite floor is different from the solid wood floor. The daily maintenance is relatively simple. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the surface dust, then wring it out and wipe it to a non-drip rag or mop to wipe the floor surface. . After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and windows, let the air circulate, and dry the floor as soon as possible. When walking on the floor, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably bare feet. Put a soft bottom protection pad on the furniture feet to avoid scratching the wear layer of the floor. At the same time, do not let heavy objects smash the wear layer, or use sandpaper, sander, steel brush, strong decontamination powder or metal tools. Clean the laminate flooring.

Shilihe Floor House Nature Floor Monopoly

Shilihe Floor House Nature Floor Monopoly

Summary: This solid wood laminate flooring of nature is clear in culture and color, and it is very comfortable. In addition, the solid wood composite floor has the advantages of beautiful and natural solid wood floor, comfortable foot feeling and good thermal insulation performance, and overcomes the shortage of solid wood floor due to the shrinkage of the monomer. It is easy to install. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to play the keel, which is very popular among consumers.

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