How much is the decoration wallpaper? How to maintain the wallpaper?

Nowadays, most owners choose to use wallpapers to decorate the walls of the living room. Compared to other decoration materials, the cost of the wallpaper will be lower. But now there are a lot of wallpaper brands, types, and colors on the market. So, how much is the decoration wallpaper price ? In normal life, how should we maintain the wallpaper?

1, decoration wallpaper price is how much

In fact, the price of a decoration wallpaper will be different depending on factors such as its brand, material, printing technology, pattern color and other factors. However, the price of home improvement wallpapers in the market is basically billed according to volume. The common volume is about 5.3 square meters, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan. Therefore, what is the price of the decoration wallpaper? There is no fixed standard, and the actual purchase should prevail.

2, how to maintain wallpaper

a. Don't let the sharp corners of the table and chairs face the wallpaper. This can easily cause the wallpaper to crack and affect the overall appearance. Avoid hot air blowing against the wallpaper, because the wallpaper is susceptible to cracking and discoloration when exposed to heat. Therefore, when heating in winter, avoid blowing the heating device directly against the wallpaper.

b. The wallpaper should be regularly cleaned on a daily basis. If it is not clean for a long time, the wallpaper will be too dark. The stain may infiltrate into the wallpaper. It will be a lot of trouble afterwards. It is advisable to dust it with feather dusters or a small vacuum cleaner at ordinary times. For stains that are difficult to handle, you can use a sponge to dilute the diluted detergent and wipe it before wringing it. This is to prevent mildew and discoloration of the wallpaper.

c. If the wallpaper appears awkward, you can use a special wallpaper glue brush on the back of the wallpaper, and then use a scraper scraping pressure to stick. If foaming occurs, the syringe can be used to inject glue. Then, gently press down to wipe off the excess glue on it. In addition, when choosing wallpaper glue, be sure to choose environmentally-friendly wallpaper glue, do not choose those with glue powder and mortar, because it contains formaldehyde. Or choose those plant starch free powders.

Xiaobian conclusion: The above is the decoration of the wallpaper price and how to maintain the wallpaper description, I believe we should have a further understanding of the wallpaper content. In fact, wallpaper has gradually become an indispensable item for people to decorate a house, but in addition to understanding the price and maintenance methods, it is necessary to understand the methods of purchasing and installing, so that we can better help everyone make choices.

Decoration wallpaper price

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