How to connect the bull socket to the advantages of the bull socket

Bull Sockets, whether it is in the major companies or ordinary people's homes, is a well-known outlet brand everywhere. However, there are not many people who know how to connect the Bulls Sockets . So let's take a look at how it should be done and what advantages it has.

1, how to connect the bull socket

a. Scientific and rational ground and wall distance

In general, regardless of how the bull socket is wired, the most important point is that the installation height, distance from the wall and the ground must be safe. The professional wiring should cover the following points: It should be within 15-20 cm and 13-15 cm respectively between the door frame and the ground. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid installing the switch socket behind the door and on the desktop, bedside and other areas. The direction of all switches can be unified.

b, make moisture-proof waterproof configuration

As we all know, balconies, toilets, and kitchens are places where water is used frequently and in large quantities. Therefore, for how to connect the bull sockets in these places, the key consideration is to make waterproof and moisture-proof measures. On the one hand, it is necessary to purchase a socket product equipped with a waterproof box. On the other hand, avoid installing the socket near the stove, bath, stove, and faucet.

c, consider the socket can withstand power

Many people are asking questions about how to connect the bull socket, and often forget to consider the power of home appliances and buy unsuitable socket products. Therefore, we remind everyone to pay attention to this point. Some outlets that do not have a clear load can be calculated based on the 1000W load factor.

d. Different jacks match the corresponding function wires

After the above tasks are all in place, it's time to connect the bulls to the important part of this matter. The correct wiring method is as follows: take the three-hole socket as an example, the zero line corresponds to the left hole, the phase line corresponds to the right hole, and the last grounding wire is connected, and the connector can be tightened.

2, what are the advantages of the bull socket

a. Excellent quality and long service life

This is a well-known socket brand that has been established for more than 20 years. It has been focusing on the research, development and production of high-end power switch and socket products for many years. In addition, the brand uses imported materials for manufacturing, so its outlet products Has a far superior quality than ordinary brands and durable performance.

b, strong safety performance

It is believed that many owners choose the bull socket to carry out the circuit layout of the house, mostly for safety reasons. In China, the earliest technology for lightning protection was introduced by it. Therefore, the bull socket has far more power than ordinary brands in terms of lightning protection and voltage resistance.

Xiao Bian concludes: It is worthwhile for every owner to pay attention to electricity safety. Therefore, I hope that Xiao Bian will bring you all the information on how to connect the Bull Sockets to help the owners more standardly install circuit equipment and create safety and comfort. Living environment.

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