Japan has developed power generation fibers that can be woven into solar cells

Japan has developed power generation fibers that can be woven into solar cells Solar cell manufacturers in Kyoto, Japan have developed a power generation fiber that can be woven into countless tiny spherical solar cells.

The woven solar cell has a diameter of 1.2 mm and was developed by the Fukui Industrial Technology Center in Japan. Each battery generates 0.2 microwatts during sunny days. If thousands of or even tens of thousands of such extremely small batteries are connected to the batteries with wires, they can become light and heat sources even at night.

According to reports, this technology will be applied to the development of new light curtains that are light and soft.

Horizontal Autoclave is a high pressure vessel which is used to sterilize liquid or utensils when the boiling point of water is higher than 100 degree above normal pressure.

The Horizontal Steam Sterilizer can be used for effective sterilization of medical sterilization, food sterilization, Department of Stomatology and other instruments.

Product function

1. sterilization process automatic control, no supervision, convenient.

2., with the drying function, the drying effect of the sterilized articles can be achieved.

3. the automatic protection device is equipped with overtemperature and overpressure.

4. safety interlocking device: when the door is not closed, the steam can not enter the inner body and alarm. When the pressure of the sterilizer is more than 0.027MPa, the door is interlocked and can not open the door.

5. overpressure protection: when the pressure exceeds the working pressure, the relief valve is automatically released.

6. low water level protection device: water can not start at high water level, and automatic power failure protection when low water level is short of water.

7. over current protection: when the current is overloaded, the power circuit breaker automatically cuts off the power supply.

8. Made of high quality stainless steel.

Capacity: 150L, 200L, 280L, 400L, 500L.


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