Large core board considerations

Due to the simple craftsmanship of the blockboard, it is still impossible to eliminate the handwork board on the market. When choosing a wooden board, try to go to the big store to choose a big brand. These brands have product quality certificates and quality assurance. When purchasing, you should check the manufacturer's trademark, production address and anti-counterfeiting mark. Also check the amount of formaldehyde released in the product test report. Generally, the regular manufacturers produce test reports, and the detection value of formaldehyde should be as low as possible. Consumers should check the original inspection report with the dealer at the time of purchase.

Brand is the carrier of quality and strength. Only big brands have enough strength and ability to produce double E0 products. Secondly, when renovating, it is necessary to minimize the amount of decoration materials and furniture and reduce the amount of formaldehyde emissions. For example, in general, the room with a core of about 100 square meters should not use more than 20 large core plates. In particular, do not use a large core plate as a lining under the floor to avoid serious formaldehyde in the indoor air.

Light duty industrial caster has many practical features: wear-resisting, low noise, corrosion resistance, impact-resistant, flexible rotation, orbit accurately. There are many fashionable styles, can be used in restaurant, hospital and other industries. Caster brackets are mostly electroplated by zinc or chrome, attractive and durable with good finishing and shining colors. The light Industrial Casters can be installed by many different ways, threaded stem, plate, rigid or swivel. The fork of Light Duty Industrial Casters is stamped by steel plate, allowed to bear 30-150kg for each wheel, namely 60-300 pounds.

plate swivel furniture casters


Our casters have the certification proof and have received testing after production. The regular salt and spray test and load capacity test are taken in our every caster. We also have the SGS, IAF, TUV and CNAS certification to make our customers more confident about our products.

high-temp caster wheel 

White PP materials are Non-toxic, tasteless, low density, high strength and stiffness. It has good dielectric properties not affected by humidity. Mostly used for light duty industrial caster`s wheel.  And how to choose an exactly industrial caster? It depends on several different factors, such as the load quality, the working environment, the working temperature, the requirement of flexibility and so on. The load capacity and flexibility are depends on the size of wheel, the working temperature is depends on the material of wheel. If you are in need of it, please contact us, we can find out the appropriate casters to you.


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