Low temperature wheat field weeding points in winter

Entering December, there will be a wave of cooling around the country. At the same time, weeding of wheat fields in most areas has come to an end. Although weeding in winter has the advantage of small weeds and easy to control, there are some places that need our attention in the wheat field weeding in low temperature environment in winter:

(1) Apply the medicine as soon as possible after the weeds are out. The weeds are relatively tender at the 2~4 leaf stage and sensitive to the herbicide . At this time, the stem and leaf herbicide can be used to achieve the best control effect. When the weeds reach more than 5 leaves, the increase in resistance requires an appropriate increase in the dosage of the herbicide to ensure the herbicidal effect. At the same time, according to the specific grass phase in the field, choose the appropriate herbicide variety to use alone or mix, to achieve a targeted.

(2) Entering December, with the arrival of cold air, more and more low temperature weather will also affect the use of herbicides in wheat fields. If the minimum temperature is below 5 ° C and the surface temperature is below 0 ° C, the use of some herbicides such as 2,4-D, isoproturon, etc. may cause wheat phytotoxicity. At the same time, low temperature is also not conducive to the absorption and conduction of herbicides, which in turn affects the herbicidal effect. Usually the winter application requires an average daily temperature of 10 ° C, and the lowest temperature is above 5 ° C. It is best to choose to fight between 10 am and 3 pm.

(3) The soil moisture in the field is also important for the use of herbicides. The soil moisture is suitable for most herbicides in the humidity range of 40% to 60%. It is best to seize the opportunity of watering the wheat field and apply the medicine in time. If the soil in the field is too dry, the stability of the herbicidal effect can be improved by increasing the water consumption.

(4) Many herbicides are currently used in relatively low amounts, usually in the range of a few grams to a dozen grams. The method of secondary dilution can ensure that the herbicide component is sufficiently and effectively diluted and dissolved, and the dissolution of the drug is not sufficient, and the concentration of the drug solution is inconsistent, resulting in undesirable phytotoxicity and herbicidal effect of wheat.

Ruichao® is a safe and well-mixed wheat field broadleaf herbicide. Low temperature and drought will not affect the safety of Ruimao®, but unfavorable climatic conditions and improper application methods. It may affect the weeding effect. So we need to understand the correct way to use Sharp Ultra-Mac® to ensure that good products work well.

Actively understand the local weather changes, it is best to ensure that there is no significant cooling weather within 3 days after application. Choose the appropriate temperature conditions (day temperature range of 5 ~ 15 ° C, daily average temperature of about 10 ° C) and the application time (10 am to 3 pm) to fight drugs. It is forbidden to apply herbicides in bad weather such as frost, rain, snow, hail and cold current.

If the weather changes cannot be accurately grasped, the herbicide mixture with different modes of action can effectively improve the stability of the herbicidal effect under low temperature conditions. For example, the combination of sharp ultra-mai® and oxadiazon can effectively improve the low temperature conditions. Stability of the effect and the quick-acting effect of weeding.

When the soil moisture is poor, we can increase the coverage of the liquid on the weed surface by increasing the amount of liquid spray, and improve the absorption efficiency of the herbicide.

When dispensing a pharmaceutical solution, be sure to use a second dilution method to ensure that the solution is thoroughly mixed and dissolved.

Finally, it is emphasized that weeding in winter wheat fields, safety is the first priority, and the requirements for the use of grass products must be fully eliminated before application.

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