Overlay decoration of wallpaper decoration tips

Many people like to use wallpaper for decoration, but how to decorate the wall to make it look beautiful and bright, let's take a look at the following two methods:

Wallpaper color: red solid color wallpaper + white safflower wallpaper

Paving style: This is the work room hidden in the room. In order to make the invisible effect, the door panel position selects the wallpaper consistent with the wall to make the whole paving, and maintain the consistency of the space. Open the door and show it in the small work room hidden inside. The base of the big red solid color wallpaper, with the outer white and white wallpaper, the whole space is outstanding and attractive.

Wallpaper color: colorful and colorful wallpaper

Paving style: The entire wall is made of almost invisible light-colored wallpaper. In the lower part of the middle, a small piece of colorful multi-color pattern wallpaper is used to make a waist line treatment, while dividing the space, it is Let the wall shine and the atmosphere is active. Colorful but not glamorous, multi-color but not messy, so the brilliant wallpaper has revealed a small fresh posture, which really makes people like it.

If you are interested in this type of collocation, you can give it a try and maybe bring some surprises.

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