Overview of the refinery pump

Centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, metering pumps, screw pumps, sealless pumps, magnetic pumps, diaphragm pumps, pipe pumps have applications in the refinery, the most used centrifugal pump, accounting for about 80%. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of sealless pump technology and awareness of environmental protection, the application of sealless pumps (shielded pumps and magnetic pumps) in refinery units has been expanding. Depending on the refining process, the size of the unit varies, and the operating parameters of the pump vary widely. Due to the continuity of refinery production, the pump reliability is put forward higher requirements. In refinery installations, a large number of applications are cantilevered and end-supported pumps. Today's latest valid order information free to send! Morning latest buyers information free to send! Punch grab Rob here! (1) Cantilever pump 0H1 is a horizontal foot support single stage cantilever pump, suitable for normal temperature (temperature below l50 ℃) and lower operating parameters (flow, lift, power) of the pump; OH2 horizontal centerline Support single-stage cantilever pump, suitable for high temperature and medium operating parameters below the pump, under conditions where the legs and bearings can be cooled high-temperature pump, but the current trend is to not use cooling water; when the pumping medium Temperature below 200 ℃, can not consider water cooling, the temperature is higher than 200 ℃, and the pump manufacturer to meet the APl610 bearing life and oil bath temperature to consider the cooling water cooling, the seal jacket is usually no longer considered With cooling water cooling; this is to reduce the amount of cooling water on the one hand, reduce costs, on the other hand due to scaling of cooling water will make the actual operation deviate from the predetermined conditions, while bearing excessive cooling may cause air moisture condensation To the lubricating oil, damage the lubrication conditions; pump inlet and outlet pipe thermal expansion, installation error, support hanger displacement and other issues, will cause changes in the pump and drive machine, the impact of mechanical seals, Bearing service life. Vertical pipeline pump on the pipe by the load of small, the same import and export flange diameter allows the force and torque is horizontal pump twice, at the same time small footprint, easy to install, do not need large base, installation costs Lower. Although the 0H5 pump needs to be removed when replacing the seal (APl610 does not require removal of the motor and the inlet and outlet nozzles when it is required to replace the seal), some users still consider the OH5 as the pump of choice for a single-stage pump due to its low power and easy motor disassembly (Flow less than 400m3 / h, temperature less than 200 ℃, head less than 200m occasion), for low power (driver power less than 55kW), the temperature is lower than 200 ℃ can also use 0H3, followed by OH2 pump. OH6 pump for small flow, high lift the occasion. (2) Two-stage pump or single-stage double-suction pump with power of both ends support pump greater than 375kW generally do not adopt the cantilever structure, and adopt the two-end support structure, such as BB1 and BB2. BB2 type widely used in oil refining plant, BB3 type for long-distance pipeline pump; BB4 low-cost, but low reliability in high temperature and high pressure situations, and the need to remove the rotor to remove the import and export of pipe and other reasons have been BB5 to replace the trend. BB5 is widely used in high temperature and pressure situations. (3) Vertical pendant pumps Vertical pendant pumps are also examples of applications in refineries. Due to the inconvenience of overhauling, they are mainly used for occasions with special installation requirements or with low requirements for NPSH. (4) Mechanical Seals Most centrifugal pumps in the refinery use mechanical seals, and packing seals are seldom used. The SH3156 and AP1682 standards are guidelines for refinery sealants. Despite the low price and high reliability of single seals, more and more pumps use double seals due to the ever-increasing demands for environmental protection, and pump dry seals have also developed rapidly.

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