[Rescue Technology] How drones change the way disaster relief?

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Drones have taken on missions around the world to help save lives during times of crisis .

Ordinary rescue methods

In the event that ground transportation is completely paralyzed, rescue teams can usually only travel on foot to the disaster area.

Drone rescue

When ground vehicles cannot start rescue operations, drones can quickly transport emergency items such as medicines, blood, and biological resources for escape, and conduct large-scale cluster flight scheduling in core disaster areas.

Ordinary rescue methods

In order to prevent post-disaster plague, rescue workers usually need to manually spray to disinfect

Drone rescue

Quickly implement efficient bacteria killing operations on the air and surface of the disaster area

Ordinary rescue methods

Calling helicopters with high requirements for take-off and landing sites to conduct disaster detection

Drone rescue

Quickly enter the disaster area for investigation and detection anytime, anywhere

In addition, drones can also be equipped with searchlights to help search and rescue personnel find rescue victims in dark nights, or conduct investigations in high-temperature, high-humidity environments near fires to help detect fire and personnel trapped. The situation provides valuable site information and best rescue opportunities for fire search and rescue.

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