Scaffolding safety to keep the following nine levels

Scaffolding is an indispensable and important tool in the construction of buildings. In the event of failure of scaffolding, it often results in many casualties. Therefore, all kinds of scaffolding must be strictly controlled and ten gates must be carefully taken.

1, material off: strictly in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of the quality, specifications, materials.

2, size off: must set the spacing according to the provisions of the establishment of rods, crossbars, scissors, railings and so on.

3, plank off: shelves must be fully covered, there must be no gaps and probe boards, flying diving board, and often remove debris on the board to keep clean and smooth. The thickness of the springboard must reach 5cm.

4, the column guards: the outer side of the scaffold and ramps must be set on both sides of 1 cm high railings and vertical net.

5, Link off: must be set according to the provisions of scissors and support, scaffolding must be more than 7 cm must be firmly linked with the building, to reach the scaffold is not shaking.

6. Load-bearing clearance: The uniform load of the scaffold shall not exceed 270kg/m2. Stacking the bricks on the scaffold shall allow only one side of the scaffold to be placed in three layers. The load used to decorate the engineering frame is 200 kg/m2. Other scaffolds (bridges, baskets, pylons, etc.) must be calculated and tested to determine the load bearing load. For example, overload measures should be taken to ensure safety.

7, from top to bottom off: workers must set up the upper and lower scaffolds (slope, runway) or ladder. It is forbidden for construction workers to climb up and down from the scaffold and cause a fall accident.

8, pick beam off: hanging basket footsteps, in addition to hanging baskets according to the provisions of processing, set up basket protection and stand outside the network, pick beam set up in a flat and strong.

9, inspection clearance: After all kinds of scaffolding set up, the foreman must organize the construction and use of the work class to jointly check and acceptance, inspection and acceptance before the end of the shelf operation. During use, especially after strong winds and rain, check the stability of the scaffold, find problems and reinforce them in time, and ensure the safety of use.

Above 10m scaffolding, leave one shelf on the operation surface to ensure safety. If the safety layer cannot be reserved due to insufficient material, safety nets can be placed under the operating floor to prevent accidents.

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