Summer decoration common sense introduction

It is easy to be confused by the fact that the wall is already dry, but the humidity is also very high, so that the wall is dry and the wall may not dry out.

Thermal expansion and contraction, the wall is prone to cracking and peeling. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in summer, the indoor air conditioning causes the wall to expand and contract, and the wall will crack and peel.

If the interface is not well treated, the wall is easy to return to the alkali. If the interface treatment of the wall surface is not done well, the phenomenon of "back to alkali" of the original structural wall material is likely to occur in summer, leaving white or yellow spots on the wall.

Try to choose a sunny day due to the humid summer air, the wall is difficult to dry, the wall surface may cause "mold spots" and other wall defects, summer putty to paint on the best interval.

Waterproof putty should also be used when using waterproof putty wall treatment as much as possible, so that the bond between the paint and the base layer is stronger and not easy to fall off.

Try to choose "quick-drying paint" Currently in the building materials market, all major latex paint brands have "quick-dry" products, summer decoration may wish to choose this type of latex paint.

After the putty is applied, the primer must be used as long as it is the wall surface of the putty. Even if the old wall is refurbished, the place where the putty is scraped must be brushed.

Latex paint is not expensive, the higher the grade, the higher the content of the paint, the higher the content of the emulsion and other raw materials, the higher the requirements for the construction process. If the construction process is not noticed, it is more likely to appear on the wall.

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