Summer eggplant cultivation technology

Suitable for planting varieties: "Jiaoza No.6".

(1) Nursery

Choose a plot with high drainage and good drainage to cover the shade shed, open seedlings, 30-40 grams of seed for use in the mu, seeding in the middle and late April, dilute sowing, planting after the seedlings, generally 40 years old. Pay attention to the prevention and control of pests and diseases during the seedling period.

(2) Colonization

In June, it will be planted in the middle. 5-6 pieces of true leaves, with soil mites when planting, to prevent wilting, to be planted with watering, planting after 4 pm is good, starting from high ridge, size, general mu density 1600-1800.

(three) double pole pruning method

Adopt double-rod pruning, remove the lower old leaves, diseased leaves, cut off long branches and long branches after harvesting, so that the plants are well ventilated and translucent. Note that in the glare season, a certain number of leaves should be retained to prevent strong Light burns eggplant and reduces the occurrence of pests and diseases.

(4) Reasonable drainage

There is more rain in summer, and the garden is poured with clear water in time after heavy rain.

(5) Cotton blight

In summer, high temperature and high humidity, cotton disease is heavier, can be prevented by selecting high terrain, high-ridge, pruning and other agricultural measures and medication. When a diseased plant is found, the diseased fruit, diseased leaves, buried, burned, and reduced sources of infection should be cleaned up in time.

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