Teach you a new way to prevent moisture from wooden furniture

Editor's note: The most important thing in the bathroom decoration is the waterproof treatment, and we must pay attention to the moisture in the later stage. So is it that the bathroom can only reject wooden furniture? Nor is it a new way to teach you the moisture resistance of wooden furniture today. At the same time, the second-hand housing renovation industry mainly needs to look over, because the old house renovation, there are many problems in the bathroom.

Wooden bathroom furniture moisture-proof treatment

First, the waterproof and moistureproof of wooden furniture is very important. With the development and advancement of technology, wooden furniture plays an increasingly important role in people's lives, but there is also a problem that the life expectancy is not very long, then How can we extend the service life of wooden furniture?

Magic One: Plate selection is the key

The cabinet board occupies a large part of the bathroom furniture. If you want to choose a good bathroom furniture, the main materials can not be sloppy.

Tips: Choose the cabinet board not only to be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also to meet the national E1 standard environmental protection materials is the key to protecting family health.

Magic 2: Back protection is important

In the process of selecting bathroom furniture, consumers must pay attention to the details of the back. The double decorative veneer back plate can completely prevent the MDF substrate from being exposed, and the water no longer has the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet, which is a good helper for waterproof and moisture proof.

Tips: In real life, it is impossible to completely remove the ubiquitous water drops and water vapor after bathing every time. The back panel veneer is not only waterproof, but also a protector of extending the life of the furniture.

Magic 3: Observing the nuances

The selection of bathroom furniture must pay attention to the humanized design of the small part, which is the key factor in the success of the purchase of furniture.

Reminder: When you choose, you must not let go of the small part. Whether the furniture is professional or not can be seen through the observation of the details.

Magic Four: Internal space cannot be ignored

After the general bathroom furniture is used for a period of time, the bottom plate under the sink cabinet begins to deform, because the condensation water left by the water pipe hidden in the cabinet soaks the furniture at the bottom of the cabinet.

Reminder: Places that are not easily noticed can have serious consequences due to lack of protection and attention.

Magic 5: The installation process is in place

When installing the bathroom cabinet, it is often necessary to cut holes in the cabinet plate, and the multifunctional edge sealing strip can tightly wrap the edge of the sheet to cut off the water, and has better waterproof and moisture proof effect.

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