Teach you how to choose: living room decoration floor or tile

For the living room, floor or tile, different people have different ideas. The following is based on three aspects of analysis to solve your living room floor covering problems.

Compare from the basic situation:

1, the price

First of all, from the price point of view, in fact, the price difference between the living room floor and the tile is not as big as before, or even basically the same, which is of course mainly because of the appearance of the composite floor. In the past, many floors were mainly solid wood flooring, and the price was very expensive. Tiles have generally become popular for reasons such as cheaper, but nowadays, the emergence of laminate flooring has greatly reduced the price of flooring, so people have begun to reconsider the use of flooring in the living room.

2, take care of

Many of the reasons for choosing a ceramic tile are that the tiles are well-maintained. Even if there are dirty things on it, it is very easy to remove. In fact, it is similar to the composite flooring, unlike the previous solid wood flooring maintenance. Now, there is no longer any fear that it is easy to damage the floor or wear the floor surface because the living room often has guests coming.

3, security

Of course, when it comes to the floor, you can't mention the safety of the floor. In the past, the problem of formaldehyde in the floor has always been one of the most concerned issues when we buy the floor, because it is directly related to our health, so many families because For this reason, I gave up buying a living room floor and bought tiles. However, nowadays, we are getting more and more understanding of this issue, and many departments are paying more and more attention. Therefore, some merchants do not dare to care about it. Many brands of flooring can still achieve higher requirements in environmental protection. . As for the ceramic tile, although there is no problem of formaldehyde, it is not completely harmless. Many people will mention that the radiation in the inferior tile is also a hidden danger when the tile is purchased. Therefore, from the comparison of the floor and the tile on the market now, as long as the quality can be controlled when purchasing, it can guarantee a certain safety whether it is a tile or a floor.

Analysis from the situation at home:

Analysis 1: Is the living room facing and is it a dark hall?

If your living room is facing north or dark, then lay the floor. The reason is very simple. I used to have less light and then put on the cold tiles. The room is not cold and sullen. The summer is better, the cold air room, the spring and autumn and the winter? Do you still think it is? Cold air is open?

Analysis 2: What about family members?

If there are old people or children, the living room is still floor, because the tiles are much harder than the floor. Children and the elderly can be your life roots. If you fall out, you can regret it for a lifetime!

Analysis 3: How long will it take to renovate this room or change to a new home?

The second decoration period is 3-5 years. If you want to change the grade or style of the floor material because of visual fatigue, the difficulty of the tile will be very big, almost equal to the big construction. Changing the floor is easy and easy. If you want to take away a comfortable floor when you move, it is easy to remove it and install it in a new home. Floor tile, forget it, give it to the next home~

Analysis 4: Where are you often working or active?

If you are a otaku or a wild prospector, it doesn't matter if you use the floor or the tiles. If you go out to work often, use the floor. Since most of the public office floors are made of floor tiles, and the outdoor sidewalk floor is generally floor tiles, it is nothing more than quality, workmanship, and material differences in function and consumption. Many urban people surrounded by floor tiles want to be different in their own small homes, so they lay the floor.

Analysis 5: Is it customary to go barefoot or wear slippers at home?

If you walk barefoot, lay the floor, not only because the bottom of the foot will bring disease, but also the feeling of the floor. If you wear slippers, especially thick-skinned cotton slippers, it doesn't matter what it is.

Factors to consider when choosing a floor or tile in the living room:

1, style or beauty

First of all, of course, what is often said is also the most concerned about the overall style of home improvement. The general room bedroom is relatively independent of Other places, so the choice of the floor is not affected by the style of the outside, but the living room needs to consider the style of other places. Especially if the restaurant in the home is connected to the living room, if the restaurant uses ceramic tiles, the living room should also use tiles for the uniformity of the overall style, otherwise it will look awkward, and if there is a certain between the living room and the restaurant. Separated, then relatively less affected by this problem.

On the other hand, of course, we must also consider their beauty. Relatively speaking, the color of the floor is relatively small and relatively monotonous, and the color and style of the tile is richer, and some have patterns on it, which is more beautiful at home.

2, comfort

In fact, we are now home improvement, not only to consider the style is beautiful, but also to consider the degree of comfort, how to say is also a place we have long lived, of course, we must first feel comfortable. Like Xiaobian, I especially like to sit on the living room to watch TV. If you use tiles, it may not be as good as the floor. After all, the winter will be very cold. If you use tiles, you may need to thicken the thick carpet, and the floor should be it is good. And like Xiaobian to some aunts, I also saw that the baby often climbs on the ground, so Xiaobian thinks that the floor is better at this time. Hehe.

3, use and damage problems

Said that the use is actually a problem that Xiaobian is more worried about, especially the living room floor. If the shop is not very good, it will be affected by the heat and dampness. If it is used for a long time, it may be loose. The most depressing thing is that people may walk on it. The sound of squeaking, this can not be tolerated, and the living room tiles are relatively better, as long as you start to lay some, at least for a long time to walk on it will not make such a sound.

Is the floor tile or tile in the living room? Now with our personal pursuit of home improvement, there are often other factors to consider when choosing a floor or a tile. Specific analysis of the specific situation, select the appropriate living room floor paving materials.

Whether the home is in the living room decoration design is tiled or the floor is good. In fact, each has its own advantages, mainly based on personal preferences. There is no clear trend in the current popular tiles and floors, so this living room design floor is laid out depending on your own preferences and overall decoration style.

The advantages of paving tiles:

1, easy to clean, easy to maintain, not easy to hide, no air pollutants. Long service life, generally can be used for 10-20 years.

2, fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance; environmentally friendly, rich in shape.

3, size and color are also more diversified, the choice of space is larger, suitable for the aesthetics of most consumers.


1. Household use comfort, poor thermal insulation; limited use area; individual tiles will have radioactive pollution; high cost, complicated paving, complicated construction, only working hours of 35-40 yuan / square meter.

2, the tile is hard on the soles of the feet, and it feels less warm. Especially in wet weather, it is easy to slip, and the area where tiles are used is limited.

Advantages of flooring:

1, beautiful, durable, better comfort; using geothermal heating and insulation performance; the price is slightly cheaper, and the construction is simple and free to install.

2, to make the foot feel comfortable, and can greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise, so that the room is more sweet and peaceful.


1. It is greatly affected by weather and humidity. It needs regular maintenance. It is easy to deform and lift after water immersion. It has formaldehyde release and its service life is relatively short.

2, the wooden floor is easy to deform and warp, how much formaldehyde will be released, which is harmful to health. It is not easy to take care of, and it is often waxed for maintenance.  

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