The primary rule of sliding bearings

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The primary rule of sliding bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-04

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1) Corrugated surface corrosion: Spectral analysis found that the concentration of non-ferrous metal elements is abnormal, and the sub-micron-scale wear particles of many non-ferrous metal components are present in the iron spectrum. The lubricating oil has excessive water content and acid value overrun.
2) Shaft surface corrosion: Spectral analysis found that the concentration of iron is abnormal; there are many submicron particles of iron in the iron spectrum; the moisture overrun or the acid value overrun of the lubricating oil.
3) Spine external strain: iron-based cutting abrasive black oxide particles in the iron spectrum; tempering color on the metal surface.
4) Fretting wear on the back of the tile: Spectral analysis found that the iron concentration was abnormal; there were many iron-submicron wear particles in the iron spectrum; the moisture and acid value of the lubricating oil were abnormal.
5) Bearing external strain: cutting abrasive grains are found in the iron spectrum; the abrasive grain composition is non-ferrous metal.

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