The quality of the sofa is no longer smooth and supple.

As a girl's heart-wrenching girl, Xiao Bian especially envied those who have a smooth and shiny long hair, especially the hair of the actresses on the TV shampoo ads, they teach Xiaobian, envy, Hate, because Xiaobian's hair is an annoying sofa hair, every time it is very difficult to take care of, it takes time, ruin the image, very distressed, then how do the sofa hairy sisters take care of the sofa Quality? So today, Xiaobian will introduce the relevant content of the sofa hair quality for everyone.

沙发发质不再愁 飘逸柔顺可以有

What is sofa hair quality?

The hair of the sofa is more hair, but the hair is very hard, and there are a small amount of natural hair. After washing the hair, the hair will look very fluffy, and the hair is rough, not smooth, not straight. It seems messy, especially in the winter when the hair is felt static.

沙发发质不再愁 飘逸柔顺可以有

How to care for the sofa hair quality

The hair of the sofa is generally dry and lacks luster, and the wind in the spring is more likely to take away the moisture inside the hair. You should carry a hair care spray that will instantly replenish your hair. In the morning, you can quickly organize your hair. Moreover, after use, it is refreshing and non-sticky, and it maintains the refreshing expression of the show layer, and the hair is smooth and refreshing. Spray-like texture is also very convenient to use. It is recommended that you always have a bag in your bag, carry it with you, and add moisture to your hair at any time. You don't have to worry about the effects of dry, watery, windy and daytime UV rays on the hair.

沙发发质不再愁 飘逸柔顺可以有

How to improve the quality of the sofa

1, more care. Choose a care product that will bring a supple effect. The essence should have anti-frizz, and you should be able to make a hair mask on the hair like a hair salon.

2. Care for the scalp once a week. The scalp is also one of the reasons for determining the quality of the sofa. It is necessary to clean and care the scalp frequently, clear the impurities in the pores of the scalp, keep the pores have a relatively large vitality, and avoid gestating unhealthy hair follicles.

3, less smear hot. Hair dyeing and other hair styling can make people's hair more versatile, so many female friends are keen on smearing the hair. In fact, smear is a serious damage to the hair, especially a few times a year. People who dyed hot, hair can be imagined. Sofa hair

4, hydrating hair care spray should be able to use frequently. The quality of the sofa is often to make the hair very dry. When the hair is dry, it is easy to be rough. Carrying the hydrating hair spray with your hair. When you feel the hair is dry, you can make the hair easy to comb and make the show. The layer becomes refreshing and makes the hair shine.

沙发发质不再愁 飘逸柔顺可以有

The above is the relevant content of the sofa hair quality, I hope to help you, more information, all in GO Jiaju

Source: GO Jiaju

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