The reason I fell in love with new Chinese furniture at a glance: so beautiful

New Chinese furniture

7 reasons for choosing new Chinese furniture.



The combination of function and design sense in a new Chinese style furniture not only includes the interpretation of the cultural significance of traditional Chinese furniture in the context of the current era, but also includes contemporary design based on a full understanding of the contemporary Chinese cultural situation. The characteristic of the new Chinese furniture is that it contains the cultural significance of traditional Chinese furniture on the basis of modern style. The form and function of the new Chinese-style furniture are not fundamentally different from other styles of furniture, but only in terms of connotation to reflect the cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation; as for design concepts and design techniques, the new Chinese-style furniture conforms Specific functional requirements can show the designer's personal qualities and interests to a great extent.


The aura is agile, and the book is rich in flavor. The new Chinese furniture has a prominent feature of the strong flavor of the book, which has won the favor of Chinese and foreign consumers. Inheriting the mature ideas of ancestors in furniture design, citing a large number of characteristic corners, let your aesthetic sight come alive in the chase, put new Chinese furniture, the aura in the living room is flexible, such as Chaoyang As full of life. It is an extension of literati paintings and literati poetry. Such home decoration can make your body and mind stretch.


From the perspective of the composition of the furniture style, the Zen-style rational and tranquil environment coincides with the two elements of the new Chinese furniture and the artistic style. The first is the characteristics presented by the unity of form and function, and the second is the artistic distinction system formed by the unification of design concepts and design techniques. And pay attention to outline and symmetry, and harmonize indoor ecology with the concept of Yin and Yang balance. Choose natural decorative materials and use the combination of five elements of "gold, wood, water, fire, and earth" to create a Zen-like rational and peaceful environment.


The combination of traditional elements and modern elements The new Chinese furniture breaks through the prototype of the traditional Chinese Ming and Qing furniture in terms of styling, and also introduces modern drying processes and shrinkage. Modern China is built with the aesthetic needs and functional needs of people today. In addition to introducing modern production methods, Feng furniture combines traditional elements with modern elements.


The color matching complements each other. From the aspect of pattern color, it is mostly dark. Wall color matching can be divided into two groups based on the black, white, and gray of Suzhou gardens and Beijing residential houses, and the red, yellow, blue, and green of the royal residence as local colors on the basis of black, white, and gray. It is often paired with Chinese classical objects with certain meanings such as porcelain, pottery, Chinese window grilles, calligraphy and painting, and cloth art. In terms of lamps, whether they use Chinese lamps or simple ceiling lamps, they all complement each other.


Classic interpretation of unpretentious

In the use of wood, "New Chinese" chooses wood with clear and beautiful wood grain, elegant and warm color, and delicate and gentle touch; in the production process, in addition to the introduction of modern production methods, it also introduces a modern drying process, thus Changed the phenomenon of furniture roughness, shrinkage, cracking and so on. It can be said that the new Chinese style is tailor-made for the needs of modern living rooms. It is a classic interpretation of Chinese traditional culture in the context of the current era. By drawing on the essence of Chinese ancient culture, the traditional elements and modern elements are organically combined to present Modern Chinese-style furniture created by people's aesthetic needs and functional requirements.


The humanistic value reflects the individuality in product design and development. It fully integrates the essence of traditional classic furniture and modern furniture, such as traditional elements and modern fashion elements, so that classic and fashion are integrated. Absorb the traditional furniture modeling elements and cultural symbols in the modeling, so that the designed furniture has the fresh and beautiful artistic charm of classic furniture. Improve and upgrade traditional furniture through various modern processes. For example, the backrest of the dining chair is engraved with the moire as the mother body, and the modern craftsmanship combining relief, line carving, and openwork is integrated into the product, showing harmony, Fulu, etc., which has an oriental charm and a sense of fashion.

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