The three major categories of wood furniture should be clarified

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In the "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture", wood furniture is divided into three categories: solid wood furniture, wood-based panel furniture and comprehensive wood furniture. The comprehensive wood furniture refers to the furniture made of a mixture of solid materials and wood-based panels.

Substrate refers to the material used to make the main parts of furniture, also known as the main material. The main components refer to the components in the furniture that support, load and longitudinally separate.

The main components of table furniture include table tops, drawers, door panels, side panels, tripods, etc. The main components of cabinet furniture include panels, roof panels, side panels, partitions, floor panels, tripods, etc.; The components include seat surface, armrest, backrest, foot, etc.; the main components of bed furniture include bed screen (high screen, low screen), bed board and so on.

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