The tricks and elements of the porch design

Every designer walks through the road and feels confused and confused. They will find a way forward in their perception and confusion. For the design of the entrance, the designer naturally has a design trick.

How to properly use the porch decoration materials, design an elegant, personalized and comfortable indoor environment. In order to achieve the above objectives, the following four elements must be grasped in the decorative design. Namely: spatial elements, color elements, light elements, and decorative elements.

1. How to grasp the spatial elements of decorative design

In the decoration design of the room, the use of space should be reasonable. That is, the reasonable distribution of the living space and the expansion of the living space. The distribution of indoor space is generally divided into three parts: rest area, activity area and living area according to living habits. The rest area is an area for sleeping and rest. It should be relatively quiet and concealed, and the air is unobstructed. The activity area includes areas for study, work, hospitality and entertainment. It is relatively spacious and neat and tidy. The living area is for dining, cleaning and other areas. The room requires ventilation. Safe and clean.

2, how to grasp the decorative elements of the porch design

Room porch decoration mainly refers to the material, color, pattern, texture and practice of indoor wall, floor and ceiling. The function of the porch wall decoration is to protect the wall and meet the functional requirements of the indoor use, while providing a beautiful and clean living environment. The distance between the indoor wall and the person is close, so the decorative materials used should not have odor, and the person can not pollute the clothes after contact, and the texture is soft and delicate. The porch decoration is best to have a certain breathability. In addition to the appearance of the floor or ceiling decoration, there are compartments, moisture-proof, etc. The choice of materials should be based on the needs of the use of functions, and the overall coordination with the entrance decoration.

3. How to grasp the light elements of the porch design

The use of light effects in indoor spaces is one of the characteristics of modern interior design. Sunlight is an important factor in nature and should be used well in design. After nightfall, the lighting of the entrance can play a key role in the atmosphere and mood. Moreover, different styles of lighting fixtures combined with the indoor environment can form a variety of different styles of indoor atmosphere, as well as different styles of ambient atmosphere. Optical effects should also be considered when selecting lamps. For example, ceiling lamps have an upward feeling on the roof. With ceiling lamps, the roof interface has a downward feeling. The strong light space gives people a sense of expansion.

4. How to grasp the color elements of the porch design

Design interior colors, including the choice of wall color, the choice of furniture color, the choice of fabric color. In addition to the influence of vision, the color inside the entrance also directly affects people's emotions and psychology. The use of science is conducive to the physical and mental health of people, both to meet functional requirements and to achieve beautiful results. At the same time, the use of a variety of color changes, depth, fancy, etc., can also achieve cold, warm, quiet, lively and other effects.

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