[tips] mask cloth is what material? What are the categories of mask cloth material?

What is the material of mask cloth? What are the categories of mask cloth material? Masks are widely used in daily life. Various types of masks have different functions because of different materials. If you want to buy a suitable mask, it is necessary to know in detail about the types of materials that cannot be used, so that you can use the characteristics of the fabric. If you choose your own mask, what are the masks for making masks? In general there are the following:


First, the masks produced by cotton masks and cotton masks are mainly used to keep warm and cold, avoid cold air directly irritating the respiratory tract, and have good air permeability, so there is no effect of preventing dust and bacteria.

Second, medical non-woven mask cloth, masks made of non-woven masks can effectively prevent bacteria, such as sneezing caused by the spread of bacteria, but due to the lack of fit, not dust.

Third, activated carbon mask cloth, activated carbon mask cloth absorption ability, can effectively prevent bacteria dust, but if used for a long time, it may cause oxygen deficiency, so everyone must pay attention to wear time when using.

Fourth, dust mask cloth, dust mask cloth As the name implies, the main role in dust.

Fifth, N95 and above type mask cloth n95 is a type of dust mask, N means dust, digital performance. In the fog today, if you want to prevent pm2.5, you must use more than n95 masks.

The types of masks and cloths are probably the same as the above. With the advancement of the manufacturing process, the types of mask cloths are increasing, and these are not rigidly adhered to the above five types. For example, melt-blown filter cloths are excellent mask cloths.

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