Ultra-efficient side-emitting solar cell architecture was successfully developed

Researchers at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Israel, invented a revolutionary new design, concentrating solar cells. The new design has a very good feature, that is, from the side, so that the resulting solar energy conversion efficiency is close to those of the most efficient solar photovoltaic panels.

The cell structure of the new solar panel allows this item to achieve conversion efficiencies of more than 40%. It is understood that this is an extremely efficient solar cell whose strength can reach the efficiency of ordinary solar panels absorbing 10,000 suns.

"Usually, concentrator solar cells are connected in series by interdependent stacking materials, which has significant limitations related to manufacturing difficulties and efficiency." BGU's Jacob Blasting Institute of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics Professor Jeffrey Gordon explained.

“Our newly designed semiconductor material for concentrating photovoltaic cells is completely self-contained. This most efficient solar cell has overcome many challenges and succeeded in compiling the elements,” he said.

This new architecture also finds potential solar energy use materials that have previously been considered unsuitable for highly concentrated solar radiation materials such as silicon materials, and can also reduce cell internal resistance to negligible levels by cell edge (facet) illumination. .

By doing so, the peak cell-level efficiency of the solar panel increases by more than 10,000 times, which is higher than ever before.

“Our future depends on the development of alternative energy. In this field, BGU is leading the way. Prof. Gordon and his colleagues in BGU’s energy plan continue to bring new innovations that will affect our world.

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