What misunderstandings do we have about wooden furniture?

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Most of the furniture on the market today is made of wooden furniture, but many of the friends still stay on solid wood furniture for wooden furniture. In fact, wooden furniture is still divided into many types. This article will give you an introduction to this topic so that you can have a correct understanding in life.

Misunderstanding 1: The meaning of solid wood

Many customers see a product in the furniture store. The first sentence is to ask if it is all solid wood. When you hear the negative answer, turn around and turn away. In fact, this is because they lack understanding of modern panel furniture.

Modern panel furniture corresponding to traditional solid wood furniture is centered on artificial panels. In the most commonly used MDF, it is based on wood fiber or other plant fiber, adding adhesive such as resin, and then sealing and veneering. Therefore, solid wood edge sealing and veneering are the highest level of plate furniture, even if imported high-grade European furniture. Solid wood is generally used only in local positions such as wood strips and edge seals. On the other hand, whether it is traditional furniture or modern furniture, the wood used has obvious high, medium and low grades due to factors such as its material, texture and resources. Low-grade solid wood is not as valuable as high-grade veneer. In particular, many medium and low-grade solid woods are not suitable for dehydration treatment (wood for furniture usually requires kiln drying and relative moisture content of 10%-12%). After making furniture, there is a great chance of deformation and bursting. And high-end solid wood furniture is often expensive.

In short, the biggest advantage of the plate type is that the mechanical properties are generally superior to solid wood. The reason why Chinese consumers favor solid wood is not completely wrong. It is because the pollution component in the panel furniture, the so-called "aldehyde-free board", there is no aldehyde in the board. Objectively speaking, from the perspective of “environmental protection”, the VOC content of solid wood is much lower than that of the board. From the perspective of “global environmental protection”, the use of plates to alleviate resource constraints to a certain extent is conducive to sustainable development.

Misunderstanding 2: Confusion of solid wood, veneer and stickers

Since the development of modern wood furniture, it has formed a large market pattern with diverse styles, complete varieties and complete grades. While diversified markets offer a wealth of choices, they also have problems that are mixed and difficult to distinguish.

Solid wood is mostly used for furniture parts with less material, and precious wood rarely uses solid wood. For example, solid wood dining chairs are more common, but generally used in the middle and high-grade imported eucalyptus, mid-range furniture often used maple, birch, domestic eucalyptus to cross the sea, have to prevent.

There are many modern panel furniture facing materials, among which veneer and stickers are very common, but the grades are completely different. The veneer furniture is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and the sticker furniture is easy to wear, afraid of water and unbearable, but the price is low and it is a popular product. Some types of furniture that are not worn out and are not close to water sources are currently mainly based on stickers, such as shoe cabinets and bookcases.

In the furniture store, you will often see instructions on the price tag with wood such as “walnut floor cabinet”, “cherry wood coffee table” and “wooden dining chair”. At this time, it is very important to figure out whether it is solid wood, veneer or sticker. Solid wood and veneer can be called “cherry wood furniture”, but the sticker can only be called “cherry wood furniture”, otherwise it will be a fish.

Solid wood - wood grain, wood rays (if usually expressed as "needle") are clearly visible, and more or less should have some natural flaws (wood knots, wood spots, black lines, etc.). The same piece of solid wood, whether it is wood or wood, its two interface wood grain should be able to clearly see the natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section.

Veneer - wood grain, wood rays are clear. There should also be natural flaws. Because the veneer has a certain thickness (about 0.5mm), when the furniture is made, it encounters two adjacent interfaces. Usually, it does not turn, but each piece is attached, so the wood grain of the two interfaces should not be connected.

Stickers - wood grain, wood rays are clearly visible, even imported high-grade paper, even wood can be counterfeit, but it is different from natural veneer. Sticker furniture is easy to reveal flaws at the corners. In addition, because the thickness of the grain paper is very small (0.08mm), it will be directly wrapped at the junction of the two planes, causing the wood grain of the two interfaces to be connected (usually the longitudinal section).

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